Putting Aids for All

by Brad Schadewitz

With the use of launch monitors and high-speed video, we can understand more and more about what the club is doing at impact. We now even use launch monitors with putting. We know that the clubface is the most important factor in influencing where the ball travels. Here I’m showing some training aids that can

help you with path and clubface direction and some ways you can replicate these teaching aids on your own.

The great thing about all these tools is that you can use them at home on your carpet or putting mat.

Alignment sticks

Alignment sticks are one of my favourite teaching aids as you can use them in so many ways. In putting, they can really help us with alignment and path. One of the common faults I see with amateurs is aiming too far right and then twisting the body and closing the clubface at impact.

Have the front of the sticks around 3 feet from the hole and just wider than the putter width. Hole 3 balls in a row from the front, middle and back of the sticks.

Try to hole all 9 putts in a row. If you can do this, then hole 3 more another foot behind the sticks. If you can hole 12 putts in a row, I guarantee your short putting stats are going to improve.

The gate

The gate is a great way to check if your starting line is correct. We can use the putting tutor with the ball bearings or alternatively two $5 coins or even two tees. Place the coins or tees approximately 8 inches in front of the ball and just wider than the portion of the ball that is contacting the ground. Use the gate with 4 to 10- foot putts.

The roller

This is a great way to find out if your putter face is open or closed at impact. Using two golf balls, a small piece of PVC pipe, or even a D cell battery can give you the same feedback.


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