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Is it Time to Buy a Better Game?

by Jason Kwok 

I’ve spent many years playing with and teaching players of all levels. When it comes to equipment choices, I can put the majority of golfers into three categories. First are the ones that stick with a set of clubs until the heads fall off; the second comprises players who will buy anything new on the market. Fortunately, most fall into a third category - golfers who from time to time change or upgrade clubs in their set and end up improving their game. The reasons for the change might be that they are facing different conditions because they moved to a new home course or even a new country. Another good reason to change is that our bodies change as we age. We might not be able to swing at the same speed as before aur long irons don’t perform correctly and our drivers are not optimal for our current swing. Also, equipment companies have continually brought new technologies to the market that help improve the game of players of all levels, from the occasional golfer to tour professionals. 


As a senior golfer, I’m sure you have noticed that you are reluctant to use a few of the clubs in your bag that you have been using for the last few years. When was the last time you were comfortable playing a 3 iron over water rather than a 5 wood? 


My best advice for senior golfers who have a set of relics is to replace your long irons with hybrids. A decent senior golfer will swing a 4 iron at around 80 mph. I’ve included two images of the shot results by of one of my students. He alternated hitting a 4 iron and a 4 hybrid on a 181 yard par 3 over water. 


As you can see, the 4 iron shots shown on the left page have more dispersion, fly lower on average, and run further after landing. On the right, the 4 hybrid has a tighter shot pattern and clears the lake more easily as the shots go higher and land more softly. 


Go ahead and spend a bit of money on new technology. Go to your favourite pro or clubfitter with an accurate launch monitor and upgrade your equipment. I’m sure you’ll find the results beneficial to your score!