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Drills To Shallow The Club

by Brad Schadewitz

If you’re swinging the club outside in and toO steep, here are some drillS to help you get more shallow. 


Many of the higher handicappers I see tend to get the club outside the intended path and too steep, getting into the classic over the top downswing position that everyone hates, and creating pulls with the short clubs and a slice with the driver. 

Make sure you check your shoulder mobility; you should be able to get your forearm behind your shoulder. 

It’s like a pitcher throwing a baseball - you need to have good mobility in the shoulder to help you shallow the club. 

Drill 1
Exaggerate the feel of shallowing

Make your backswing with a good shoulder turn.  


Now rotate the forearms and drop the head of the club back behind the hands. This is an exaggeration of the club, feeling more flat and getting the clubhead behind you.

Drill 2 

The wall drill 


Stand facing away from a wall and roughly two feet away from it using an alignment stick or simply by turning your club upside down. Swing to the top of the backswing where you just lightly touch the wall. 


Now in your change of direction, start to apply some pressure into your left foot while adding pressure against the wall. Relax and go back to the top and repeat this movement for around 5 reps. Hit a few shots and go back to the wall and repeat the drill.

Drill 3 

Left hand behind right elbow 


This is one of the best drills for creating a great feel for keeping the right elbow in and externally rotating the right shoulder. Do this drill with practice swings or while hitting little 50 yard shots. After 5 to 10 swings, then grip with both hands and hit little half shots trying to create the same feel in the right shoulder and elbow. 


Get into your set up position and take your left hand off the grip and put it under your arm with the back of the hand just above your right elbow. 


Swing back keeping your elbow tucked in and feeling the right shoulder externally rotating like a baseball pitcher. This is a great position to feel the club shallowing as you swing down.